Tips for Catching more Redfish in the Wintertime

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How to Fish the Winter Pattern

Tips for Catching more Redfish in the Wintertime

Sometimes less is more, as is the case for catching winter redfish on the flats in Beaufort, SC and other waters of the lowcountry.

Surprisingly, more movement while working artificial baits actually equals less bites and less fish during the winter. You want your lure to mimic a very cold baitfish that may be hiding or injured and dying that is sitting close to the bottom. That is exactly how you want your bait to look to a redfish. Don't try to move your bait across the bottom, because unless you are using way too much weight the current will move it plenty. Cast out, as far over where you see or think the school of redfish is, and let your bait sink. Then, keeping a good amount of slack in your line, lightly tap the bait just enough to make it shudder. Your bait will slowly crawl along the bottom with the current working on it without you trying to pull it along. Keep up with your slack and make sure that you do a tap, tap, tap, tap...Pause 1, 2, 3...Repeat. By using a non-continual movement, you will present your bait as a new opportunity to the fish swimming in the school rather than as a bait that has already been passed by all the other fish.


Despite the many bad-weather days this winter, on the good days we've been catching a great number of redfish out on charters in the creeks and rivers of Port Royal Sound! Now that the weather has improved, there is still a chance to get out and fish the winter pattern before water temperatures get too high and the fish behavior shifts.