The tarpon bite is ON

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The tarpon bite is ON

We all wait anxiously for the end of the summer when the silver kings arrive and the lowcountry tarpon bite is now on.

Tarpon are a migratory fish species. While they are often thought of as a Florida game fish, here in the lowcountry of South Carolina we get a few short months of opportunity to catch these HUGE fish. On the east coast, tarpon push north from the Keys throughout the summer, some reaching as far north as Virginia before water temps cool and they head back south. They usually reach Port Royal Sound in late summer and stay through October. This is an AWESOME species to hook up with. They fight hard, often jumping and flashing silver at the surface making for a great show. We usually catch them on cut bait placed on the bottom where there are little humps of relief - the tarpon stage at these spots looking for baitfish. But they are also possible to catch on the fly if you look for where they are rolling at the surface. Tarpon are a catch and release only species, and we take great care to make sure these magnificent fish are fully revived and healthy before releasing them back into the river.