Cooking Your Catch

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Cooking Your Catch

While I am normally a staunch supporter of catch and release - so that the sport of fishing can be perpetuated and we can prevent over-fishing of our  marine stocks - occasionally I will bring home a fish or two for dinner. The question becomes - how to prepare it?

Lately, we've been having some delicious dinners of panko-fried trout and rice. Simple but yum! 

Here's how I make it: Fillet the fish. Rinse and pat dry each fillet. Dredge in flour, then beaten eggs (use a little water to thin it), then panko bread crumbs. Fry in a cast-iron skillet until brown and crispy. To make it extra crispy, do a 1-inch diamond cut on the filets before adding the crust. Be sure to keep the temperature of the oil low, just so the surface is shimmering a bit, to prevent splattering! Prepare the jasmine rice as directed on the package, but use chicken broth instead of water for more flavor. This meal goes great with homemade tartar sauce too - just mix mayo with fresh lemon juice, relish, and some capers.

A dinner of fresh-caught fish straight from the clean waters of Port Royal Sound is delicious!!