Bailey the Tiger Shark

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Bailey the Tiger Shark

One of the most fun groups of fish to catch in Port Royal Sound (when the weather is warm) is sharks! They fight hard and they can be BIG.

Scientists from the Ocearch research team, in partnership with SCDNR, are now studying tiger sharks caught and tagged in Port Royal Sound to try to learn more about the ecology of our waters.

Bailey the tiger shark is a 12'2", 800lb. female tiger shark that was tagged inside the mouth of Port Royal Sound in September 2013. She has spent time off the beach at Hilton Head, Hunting Island, and is currently hanging out at Edisto Beach. You can track her on the Ocearch "Shark Tracker".

Research focusing on these large, apex predators will continue to help us learn about the health of our lowcountry fishery and better understand the dynamics of the food web operating in our system.